Power Optimisation

Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products which can be used all over the world. Products for Europe are designed to work across the European harmonised voltage range and current CE regulations, (207 Volts to 253 Volts).

Voltage Optimisation is a well-established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 242 Volts, which is high compared to many other countries. Crucially, however, much of our electrical equipment operates most efficiently at around 220 Volts. When your voltage exceeds this level, energy is wasted in both heat and vibration, which costs you money and significantly reduces the life span of your electrical appliances. For example, with ECO-MAX you will not have to change your lamps so often, which will also reduce your on-going maintenance cost.












So How Much Can I Save?

Ultimately the level of energy saving achieved will be dictated by a combination of your incoming supply voltage levels and the types of electrical equipment you use. The higher your supply voltage is, the greater the potential to make energy savings from ECO-MAX Voltage Optimisers.

However different types of electrical equipment deliver different levels of energy saving for the same reduction in voltage.



GWE's ECO-MAX Power Voltage Optimisers uniquely offer the installer a choice of three savings settings to ensure that you will achieve the maximum possible energy saving for the equipment you use by selecting the optimum voltage for your business/property. In addition to this, some of our ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL Voltage Optimisers come with a "BrownOut" low voltage seamless inhibit feature, which ensures that your optimised voltage is never too low, allowing a higher savings level to be selected.

Typically your electricity consumption will be reduced by at least 10% but savings as high as 19% are possible with the HOME and COMMERCIAL ranges, and 25% plus on the Bespoke POWER range!



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Please note that our Energy Calculator (above) is only for Lighting Optimisers, we are in the process of updating our website in order to incorporate our new Contractor Range, please contact us via email or phone to discuss a free quotation.


New Location.

We have moved location into larger offices, still in Sheffield but just down the road from our previous location, giving us the opportunity to expand our team and our Eco-Max range of products. Having six times the production size and space allows us to work with a larger volume of projects and provide a quicker turnaround on our solutions.


New Facilities.

Our new larger facilities incorporate a large training room and meeting rooms which will allow us to host training on GWE solutions for our customers. Situated in Sheffield we have a central location, contact us if you would like to enquire about our training and meeting room facilities.


Expanding Horizons.

GWE continue to expand its horizons, increasing its Eco-Max awareness into other countries. Our flexibility and bespoke solutions alongside our continuing strong relationships with leading distributor channels allows continued increases in sales.


Other important Solutions

Dont forget that GWE continue to offer Power Factor Correction and Surge Suppression solutions either combined with Voltage Optimisation or stand alone and can also provide HV transformer solutions, nothing is too bespoke. Make contact and see how we can help you with your next project.


Contractor Range

Now Available

Two exciting new ECO-MAX Voltage Optimiser products are launched for Electrical and FM Contractors.

ECO-MAX-HOME and ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL Voltage Optimiser systems are availabe off the shelf at GWE, and through good Electrical Wholesalers.


Our ECO-MAX Voltage Optimiser systems will be making you some big savings in the near future!


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